Barker Racing Electronics

My goal is to provide fair priced Fuel Injected harness mods and electrical assistance to the Motorcycle powered community, My goal with each harness is to provide the simplest installation that will not violate the systems ability to operate as designed. So your finished product (except for any parts the end user may be missing or have broken) will operate free of "limp home mode" as well as not have a premature rev-limit or missing timing advance. (which is VERY common with at home builders)

Jeff B


Harness Mods currently in everyday production.

Suzuki GSXR 600, 750, 1000, 1300 Price: $150.00

Suzuki Tl1000r/s Price: $150.00

Yamaha R-1 / Fzr-1 2002-2003 Price: $125.00

Yamaha R-1 / Fzr-1 2004-2006 Price: $150.00

Kawasaki zx12 2000-2003 Price: $150.00

Kawasaki zx10 2004-2006 Price: $150.00

Honda cbr 929/954/1000rr Price: $175.00

Engines not on this list (including carbureted models)can be done by special order. Contact me for pricing.

Shipping charges may apply for rush orders.




Introducing Custom Dash Panels

We can build a custom dash panel for your new harness. Minimizing The amount of wiring work for your car. They attach to the harness via a single plug. I uses all heavy duty switches. LED's instead of old school bulbs to resist vibration. Custom colors and designs are not only available, but encouraged. I can also build in digital water temp gauges, and gear indicators (depending on motor).

I can even pimp the whole dash panel of the car !

Contact me for pricing.


example #1 suzuki gsxr basic combo

Requires hookup to battery, fuel pump, and fan..DONE go race!

Example #2 GSXR with bike gauges, and a spot for an oil pressure gauge.



Example #3 (a little more complicated..but think of the chrome!) ZX-12 with extras.

requires hookup to starter solenoid, fuel pump, air pump, and fan. (shown black background with brushed aluminum letters)