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Welcome to Barker Racing's Electronics division. Here I provide fuel injected wiring harness conversions for all types of motorcycle powered vehicles. I have over 20 years of EFI experience, including U.S. military training, General motors schools, and seemingly endless work in the field on race, street and specialty equipment. For the past 5 years I have been concentrating exclusively on High Performance applications using stock Superbike engines.

My most common vehicles are the Dwarfcars and Mod-Lites. This community has got me started by popular request for a reasonably priced, dependable conversion. Since then I have influenced the entire market for this product, forcing two things to happen. One being that racers no longer have to accept sub par "at least it runs" products, that later lead to vast cost increased when they purchase replacement motors or switch to racing carbs that can cost in excess of $1500. The second is with more than 1 builder of this product, the price is forced to be more reasonable. Usually under the $200 range, where before you were lucky to get your motor to run for under $400 (if it worked at all).

I also frequent the specialty vehicles more and more, With such creations as a suzuki gsxr 1070 EFI hill climb bike, 1300cc + road racers, V-6 monster golf carts, and basically anything you can think of.

Precede to the Services/products page to see what I have going on, And feel free to contact me anytime. If you have any questions, I always do what I can to help.

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